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Tips Innovation is a company that is working with TIPS in several areas such as Product design
and development, Processolutions, Marketing and Management. As Altschuller wrote in the
book "Creativity as an exact science" that "The book is a imed first of all at the engineer.
But it is also comprehensible to people who do not work with technology. The principles
of controlling thinking in the solution of inventive problems can be transposed to the organization
of creative thinking in any sphe re of human activity".

We offer education - both internal and external, videos, training courses on TRIZ, and Books.


Olle Berg - Technology and Process issues
Joachim Burvall - Marketing and Management issues


TIPS Innovation - Erik Dahlbergsgatan 21 - S-115 32
Stockholm - SWEDEN
Phone +46 8 666 04 19 Fax +46 8 600 19 70
E-mail: TIPS Innovation